Meet Our Owners

Nathan Quan

Chief Operating Officer

Nate is a second-generation plumber and a local resident from Kannapolis, North Carolina. Nate grew up in the plumbing industry and now has over 20 years of hands on experience and knowledge of the plumbing trade. By age 22, Nate started his own business and attained a plumbing license in multiple states. In addition to his work Nate has always been a family man, even though continuing his father’s trade and starting his own company have consistently been a priority he knows a strong home life is the only way to keep his plumbing dream thriving. While building Quan Services, Inc. back in 2014, Nate made sure to maintain the traits of both family and professionalism in his company. Due to this strong foundation Quan Services, Inc. has been rising exponentially each year.

Scott Stancil

Chief Executive Officer

Scott is a native of Concord, North Carolina and has worked multiple jobs in the area including: car washes, painting and grocery stores. However, his favorite job has always been doing work in the painting field. Throughout the years, Scott saved his earnings and began taking his passion for painting seriously. By age 20, Scott set forth on building a business for himself called Stancil Painting and Services, Inc. Scott’s company, which is now 25 years old, is one of the top-rated paint and drywall businesses in the Charlotte Metro Area. As his business arose and began to thrive, Scott also started Aqua-Wash, a car wash in Concord, NC in 2006 and in 2014 he became CEO of Quan Services, Inc.

Jeff Scisciani

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he attended Robert Morris University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting. Jeff’s first job out of college was as an Accountant for R.L. Johnson Construction Corporation. Afterwards Jeff began working for N&N Mechanical Plumbing Company where he led as Controller for four years. As the controller, Jeff was in charge of developing and implementing annual budgets and marketing strategies all while directing accounting-related functions and overseeing the four other accountants. Jeff later served as CFO for Five Star Plumbing for 11 years before establishing himself as CFO and partner in Quan Services, Inc, in 2014.


Our Team

Chad Six

Director of Operations

Andy Combs

Business Operations Manager

Doug LeRoux

Territory Field Manager

Cary Dudley

Territory Field Manager

Simon Penaloza

Territory Field Manager

Danny Youngblood

Field Services Manager

Luke Thomas

Area Manager

Diane Ward

Accounting Manager

Arlene Kim

Business Service Associate

Alan Caldwell

Territory Field Manager

Ricky McClain

Warehouse/Purchasing Manager