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    Quan Plumbing, Inc. (Early 1980's)

    The Quan family plumbing legacy was started in the early 1980’s by Shaun Quan. Shaun founded Quan Plumbing Inc. out of Kannapolis, North Carolina and focused his business model on serving the greater Cabarrus County area. The original company focus was placed on both New Construction and Remodel and Repair for the local citizens and smaller builders. Shaun maintained his business while both raising his four boys and teaching them the plumbing trade. Eventually, Nate Quan stepped up in the company to maintain and build upon his father’s legacy in the plumbing industry. The values of customer service, quality craftsmanship and the admiration for diverse projects were the driving force as Nate developed the revised Quan Plumbing business model in the early 2000s. Nate’s hubris in what his father had built helped him to expand on Shaun’s original foundation.

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    Quan Brothers Plumbing, Inc. (2006)

    Quan Brothers focused on plumbing for both small tract builders and custom homes. During the housing recession in 2008 Quan Brothers was forced to downsize and re-group. Amid the re-grouping Quan Brothers chose to pursue the commercial plumbing market in both the North and South Carolina areas.

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    Quan Services, Inc. (2014)

    Quan Services, Inc. (QSI) came to be after a mutual partnership agreement between Nate Quan, Scott Stancil, and Jeff Scisciani took place in 2014.